Additional tickets available for SAC Benefit with Phil Robertson

Additional tickets available for SAC Benefit with Phil Robertson

Mon, Feb. 18, 2013 - [FHU News]

HENDERSON, Tenn. - Additional tickets are available for a matinee speech for the 2013 Sports Advisory Council Benefit.

Both floor and balcony seating remains available for the 3:00 PM speech by Phil Robertson on Saturday, May 4, in Loyd Auditorium.  Tickets are only available for the speech and not the dinner.

Balcony tickets are $25 for adults and $15 for students (college and younger).  Floor tickets are $50.  Tickets may be purchased by calling the athletics office at 731-989-6900.

The Freed-Hardeman University athletic department has a history of bringing in former college and professional athletes and coaches as the keynote speakers of the annual Sports Advisory Council Benefit Dinner.

That won't change for the 2013 dinner, but the reason the speaker has achieved national fame will be a little different.

Freed-Hardeman will welcome Phil Robertson, star of the highly popular television show "Duck Dynasty" on A&E, as the featured speaker of the dinner on Saturday, May 4, 2013.

“We’re excited to have Phil Robertson as our speaker for the 2013 SAC Benefit," said FHU Athletic Director Mike McCutchen.  "While he has been well-known among duck hunters for a long time, A&E’s Duck Dynasty has given us all a glimpse into what Phil and his family are all about. Millions of viewers are able to see faith and family values in action. We are all in for a great evening when Phil Robertson comes to Freed-Hardeman University.”

Robertson, who was born and raised in Vivian, La., was a standout high school athlete in football, baseball and track.  He attended Louisiana Tech on a football scholarship and played first-string quarterback ahead of NFL Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw. Robertson took a different career path than did Bradshaw, teaching for several years before turning his passion for hunting and fishing into a livelihood for a family that by then included his wife, Kay, and their four sons Allan, Jase, Willie and Jeptha.

Never satisfied with the duck calls that were on the market, Robertson began to experiment with making a call that would produce the exact sound of a duck.  And so, in 1972, the first Duck Commander call was born.  Phil received a patent for this call and the Duck Commander Company was incorporated in 1973.

In the mid-70's, Robertson made another important call when he turned his life over to God and made dramatic changes in the way he was living.  He is now not only known as the Duck Commander but is also building a reputation all over the country for his faith and belief in the Almighty.

Duck Commander is still a family business with all four sons and their wives working for the company at one time or another.  Not long after the success of the calls, Phil began a series of videos that developed a worldwide fan base of fellow duck hunters.