Hall of Fame Nomination Form

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Membership Guidelines (please read before submitting)
1. Athletes, coaches and administrators of FHU or alumni who have distinguished themselves in the field of athletics.
2. Outstanding in performance at FHU or later in high school, college, or professional athletics.
3. Coaches must have coached at least two years at FHU in order to be considered.
4. Primary consideration for athletes as members should be from graduates. Nominees must have attended at least one full year prior to 1976 or two full years since FHU became a four-year institution.
5. Minimum of five (5) years since graduation or last year of athletic participation at FHU.
6. Nominee must receive necessary votes from the Hall of Fame Selection Committee in order to be inducted.
7. Academic, career, and leadership ability will be considered.
8. Distinguished Service - Individuals who have rendered special service to FHU Athletics.
9. Special Award - Individuals who may not have excelled in sports while at FHU but has excelled later in some sports field.
10. Nominations should be submitted to the Director of Athletics no later than July 1.