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Will Wallis
Will Wallis Image
Assistant Coach - 2nd Season
Alma Mater:Blue Mountain College

Will Wallis enters his second season as an Assistant Coach with the Lion baseball program. He comes to FHU most recently from Southeastern Community College in Whiteville, North Carolina, where he served as an Assistant Coach. His primary duties at Southeastern involved working with all defensive positions, particularly pitchers and catchers.

Prior to his time at Southeastern, Wallis worked at Pine Grove High School in Ripley, Miss., where he served as Head Coach for the varsity, junior varsity and junior high baseball programs. Wallis attended Northeast Mississippi Community College in Booneville, Miss., where he played baseball for two seasons. Following his time at Northeast, he attended Blue Mountain College, where he was a player on the BMC baseball team for one season.

2018 Baseball Roster
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