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Box Score   PSC at FHU 11/04/04
Box Score   LU at FHU 11/09/04
Box Score   FHU at MBU 11/11/04
Box Score   CC at FHU 11/13/04
Box Score   FHU at BU 11/19/04
Box Score   FHU at TOUG 11/20/04
Box Score   FHU at CU 11/23/04
Box Score   FAULK at FHU 11/26/04
Box Score   MC at FHU 11/27/04
Box Score   FHU at LU 12/02/04
Box Score   FHU at PCC 12/04/04
Box Score   FHU at ABC 12/10/04
Box Score   OCU at FHU 12/11/04
Box Score   FHU at WBC 12/13/04
Box Score   TTU at FHU 12/16/04
Box Score   MBU at FHU 01/06/05
Box Score   WBC at FHU 01/10/05
Box Score   * MMU at FHU 01/13/05
Box Score   CU at FHU 01/15/05
Box Score   * CU at FHU 01/20/05
Box Score   * FHU at TNU 01/22/05
Box Score   FHU at PSC 01/25/05
Box Score   FHU at CC 01/29/05
Box Score   * FHU at LC 02/03/05
Box Score   * FHU at UU 02/05/05
Box Score   * FHU at MMU 02/12/05
Box Score   * TNU at FHU 02/17/05
Box Score   * FHU at CU 02/19/05
Box Score   * LC at FHU 02/24/05
Box Score   * UU at FHU 02/26/05
Box Score   FHU at CU 03/03/05