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Box Score   FHU at KCC 08/27/04
Box Score   FHU at CU 08/28/04
Box Score   SC at FHU 09/03/04
Box Score   FHU at SC 09/04/04
Box Score   FHU at DSU 09/07/04
Box Score   FHU at HU 09/16/04
Box Score   FHU at HSS 09/18/04
Box Score   KWC at FHU 09/21/04
Box Score   FHU at MMC 09/25/04
Box Score   TNU at FHU 09/28/04
Box Score   AU at FHU 10/01/04
Box Score   FHU at BC 10/02/04
Box Score   SC at FHU 10/09/04
Box Score   CU at FHU 10/14/04
Box Score   OCU at FHU 10/16/04
Box Score   BPC at FHU 10/21/04
Box Score   FHU at LC 10/26/04
Box Score   FU at FHU 10/30/04
Box Score   FHU at MMC 11/02/04
Box Score Official   FHU at KCC 08/27/04
Box Score Official   FHU at CU 08/28/04
Box Score Official   SC at FHU 09/03/04
Box Score Official   FHU at SC 09/04/04
Box Score Official   FHU at DSU 09/07/04
Box Score Official   FHU at HU 09/16/04
Box Score Official   FHU at HSS 09/18/04
Box Score Official   KWC at FHU 09/21/04
Box Score Official   FHU at MMC 09/25/04
Box Score Official   TNU at FHU 09/28/04
Box Score Official   AU at FHU 10/01/04
Box Score Official   FHU at BC 10/02/04
Box Score Official   SC at FHU 10/09/04
Box Score Official   CU at FHU 10/14/04
Box Score Official   OCU at FHU 10/16/04
Box Score Official   BPC at FHU 10/21/04
Box Score Official   FHU at LC 10/26/04
Box Score Official   FU at FHU 10/30/04
Box Score Official   FHU at MMC 11/02/04
Short Box   FHU at KCC 08/27/04
Short Box   FHU at CU 08/28/04
Short Box   SC at FHU 09/03/04
Short Box   FHU at SC 09/04/04
Short Box   FHU at DSU 09/07/04
Short Box   FHU at HU 09/16/04
Short Box   FHU at HSS 09/18/04
Short Box   KWC at FHU 09/21/04
Short Box   FHU at MMC 09/25/04
Short Box   TNU at FHU 09/28/04
Short Box   AU at FHU 10/01/04
Short Box   FHU at BC 10/02/04
Short Box   SC at FHU 10/09/04
Short Box   CU at FHU 10/14/04
Short Box   OCU at FHU 10/16/04
Short Box   BPC at FHU 10/21/04
Short Box   FHU at LC 10/26/04
Short Box   FU at FHU 10/30/04
Short Box   FHU at MMC 11/02/04