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Box Score   WBC at FHU 11/01/05
Box Score   CC at FHU 11/04/05
Box Score   MBC at FHU 11/05/05
Box Score   LU at FHU 11/08/05
Box Score   BC at FHU 11/12/05
Box Score   FHU at UM 11/15/05
Box Score   FHU at TTU 11/19/05
Box Score   MKC at FHU 11/25/05
Box Score   WCC at FHU 11/26/05
Box Score   FHU at LU 11/29/05
Box Score   FHU at WBC 12/03/05
Box Score   FHU at ASU 12/10/05
Box Score   FHU at MTSU 12/18/05
Box Score   LEE at FHU 12/20/05
Box Score   WCSL at FHU 12/21/05
Box Score   FHU at PSC 01/09/06
Box Score   * FHU at MMC 01/12/06
Box Score   FHU at ABC 01/14/06
Box Score   * FHU at CU 01/19/06
Box Score   * TNU at FHU 01/21/06
Box Score   * FHU at CCR 01/26/06
Box Score   * LYON at FHU 02/02/06
Box Score   * UU at FHU 02/04/06
Box Score   * CCR at FHU 02/07/06
Box Score   * MMC at FHU 02/11/06
Box Score   ABC at FHU 02/14/06
Box Score   * FHU at TNU 02/16/06
Box Score   * CU at FHU 02/21/06
Box Score   * FHU at LYON 02/23/06
Box Score   * FHU at UU 02/25/06
Box Score   FHU at LYON 03/02/06
Box Score   FHU at UU 03/04/06