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Team Statistics
Box Score   FHU at BPC 09/02/05
Box Score   FHU at SCP 09/03/05
Box Score   BC at FHU 09/05/05
Box Score   SH at FHU 09/10/05
Box Score   * FHU at CU 09/14/05
Box Score   * CC at FHU 09/16/05
Box Score   DSU at FHU 09/20/05
Box Score   CU at FHU 09/23/05
Box Score   HSSC at FHU 09/24/05
Box Score   * MMC at FHU 09/29/05
Box Score   KCC at FHU 10/01/05
Box Score   * UU at FHU 10/04/05
Box Score   FHU at FLK 10/08/05
Box Score   * LYON at FHU 10/15/05
Box Score   FHU at WIU 10/21/05
Box Score   FHU at WIU 10/24/05
Box Score   FHU at TNU 10/29/05
Box Score Official   FHU at BPC 09/02/05
Box Score Official   FHU at SCP 09/03/05
Box Score Official   BC at FHU 09/05/05
Box Score Official   SH at FHU 09/10/05
Box Score Official   * FHU at CU 09/14/05
Box Score Official   * CC at FHU 09/16/05
Box Score Official   DSU at FHU 09/20/05
Box Score Official   CU at FHU 09/23/05
Box Score Official   HSSC at FHU 09/24/05
Box Score Official   * MMC at FHU 09/29/05
Box Score Official   KCC at FHU 10/01/05
Box Score Official   * UU at FHU 10/04/05
Box Score Official   FHU at FLK 10/08/05
Box Score Official   * LYON at FHU 10/15/05
Box Score Official   FHU at WIU 10/21/05
Box Score Official   FHU at WIU 10/24/05
Box Score Official   FHU at TNU 10/29/05
Short Box   FHU at BPC 09/02/05
Short Box   FHU at SCP 09/03/05
Short Box   BC at FHU 09/05/05
Short Box   SH at FHU 09/10/05
Short Box   * FHU at CU 09/14/05
Short Box   * CC at FHU 09/16/05
Short Box   DSU at FHU 09/20/05
Short Box   CU at FHU 09/23/05
Short Box   HSSC at FHU 09/24/05
Short Box   * MMC at FHU 09/29/05
Short Box   KCC at FHU 10/01/05
Short Box   * UU at FHU 10/04/05
Short Box   FHU at FLK 10/08/05
Short Box   * LYON at FHU 10/15/05
Short Box   FHU at WIU 10/21/05
Short Box   FHU at WIU 10/24/05
Short Box   FHU at TNU 10/29/05